What To Know About White Gold

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White gold is one of the popular options used in diamond rings because of its soft, white shine. This metal creates a more affordable alternative to platinum. White gold can offer a look similar to that of platinum and it can perfectly complement the white shine of your natural and lab grown diamonds.

Even though white gold has a lot of advantages in comparison with other precious metals, it has some drawbacks too. Therefore, it is important for you to know them before choosing this metal for your jewelry. Read along to know more about white gold so that you can determine whether it is suitable for you.

What Is White Gold?

Gold is available in different colors including white, rose, and yellow. White gold is a type of alloy of gold, which means, it is made up of real yellow gold by mixing it with certain alloy metals. These additional metals are responsible for offering strength and white shine for this type of gold.

Why White Gold Is Plated In Rhodium?

The white gold jewelry you get will have a rhodium plating which gives it the white color. The rhodium coating adds more strength, durability, and the lustrous white sheen to white gold. But this coating can wear out over time which causes your white gold jewelry to lose its color. Hence, you will have to recoat the rhodium plating once in a few years to maintain the white shine of yellow gold.

Apart from rhodium, some other alloys including nickel, silver, copper, and zinc are used for making white gold.

Because of the presence of these alloys, white gold can be allergic to some people. Nickel is one of the common allergenic agents in this gold.

Benefits Of White Gold

Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings
  • It can be a low-cost alternative to platinum.
  • The neutral look of white gold makes it perfect for all types of gemstones.
  • It can be a great choice for people who want a white, silvery appearance for their jewelry rather than the warm look offered by yellow and rose gold.

Disadvantages Of White Gold

  • Recoating rhodium is necessary to avoid it from becoming yellow
  • It can be allergic to some people

So when getting jewelry made of white gold, make sure that the metal is not allergic to your skin.

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