How Can The Metal Affect The Look Of Your Engagement Ring?

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Diamond Rings
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Engagement Rings

The metal you choose for your engagement ring can have a great impact on the appeal of your ring. When choosing a precious metal for your ring, you have to consider how it can affect the look of your stone. The color of your metal can influence how your diamonds appear.

Most people often choose the metal for their engagement rings based on the style they want. However, you have to notice the color of your stone before choosing the right metal. Through this article, we address how the color of your ring’s metal can influence the look of your diamonds so that you can get the right choice.

Why Do Metals Change The Color Of Diamonds?

Diamonds reflect and refract light thereby producing stunning brilliance and sparkle. In addition to reflecting light, these stones also reflect the things around them. Therefore, diamonds can reflect the color of your ring’s metal. This is true for both natural and lab grown diamonds.

Engagement rings are usually created using precious metals including white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, and platinum. You have to choose an option from them based on the color grade of your diamond if you prefer to enhance its look.

The following are some of the best recommendations that can be beneficial for you when choosing a precious metal for your engagement ring.

Diamonds With D-F Color Grade

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

Diamonds that fall within the color grade D-F are truly colorless and exhibit great brilliance. They do not have any visible tint in them, therefore, they can create an unmatchable sparkle.

Experts suggest that white metals like white gold and platinum can be the best pair for colorless diamonds with D-F grades. They can enhance the sparkle of your colorless diamonds because of their soft, white aura.

You can also use yellow or rose gold for these diamonds, however, because of the reflection of these metals on the stone, your diamonds might look slightly lower in color grade than they really are.

Diamonds With G-J Color Grades

Diamonds with G-J color grades can also look colorless to the naked eyes. If you want to make these diamonds as colorless as possible, then it is better to go for white metals.

Choosing yellow or rose gold can slightly affect their colorless look.

Diamonds With K-Z Color Grades

These diamonds can have visible yellow tints, therefore, it is better to pair them with yellow gold to give a harmonious look. You can still pair them with white metals, but the contrast between them makes the yellow tint in your diamonds more noticeable.

Considering these factors can be helpful for you to select a metal for your engagement ring that can enhance the appeal of your stone.

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