Emerald Cut Vs Cushion Cut Diamonds

Diamond Engagement Rings
Diamond Engagement Rings
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Lab-Grown Diamond Ring

A diamond is a prized possession, so you should not skimp on its quality when purchasing one for your engagement ring. The value of diamonds is determined by the various cuts of available diamonds, which differ in a variety of ways. Many of the cuts have been around for a while, and the majority of them are still in use.

This article compares the emerald cut and the cushion cut, two popular diamond cuts.


The length-to-width ratio of an emerald cut diamond determines its shape, which is typically rectangular but can also be square. While squarer emerald cuts have a close to one length-to-width ratio, rectangular emerald cuts have a larger length-to-width ratio.

Cushion cuts have rounded edges and a slightly square or rectangular shape, which gives them their name because they resemble cushions or pillows. Cushion cuts, formerly known as step cuts, have evolved into the modified cushion cut, which employs a round cut-like cutting technique to add fire and brightness to the diamond.


The key distinction between an emerald cut and a cushion cut is that the former emphasizes the diamond’s luster while the latter emphasizes its sparkle. Cushion cuts have more facets than emerald cuts, giving them more fire and sparkle, but emerald cuts have more subtlety and shine.

Carat Weight

Emerald cuts are distinguished by their shallow pavilions and long shapes, which make them appear larger than their actual carat weight. Since determining the size of a cushion cut can be difficult, the simplest way to determine how big or small it will appear is to choose a design that you find visually appealing.


Since emerald cuts are more likely to expose color than cushion cuts, you must choose superior color grades. Cushion cuts expose less color, allowing you to lower the color grade because they have the lightest dispersion.


Engagement Ring
Engagement Ring

Since emerald cut diamonds are cut in steps, less rough diamond is lost during the cutting process. Cushion stones are more expensive per carat weight than emerald cuts. Cushion cuts are still more expensive than emerald cuts, despite being roughly 25% cheaper than round cuts. If you need a diamond but have a limited budget, consider an emerald-cut lab-grown diamond ring. The emerald cut’s numerous advantages and lower price range make it a more appealing option.

Emerald and cushion cuts are both lovely options for those looking for square and rectangular diamond shapes. When compared to traditional and classic round diamonds, they can give your engagement ring a unique look. So, when making your choice, consider each of their distinct characteristics.

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