Buying Lab-Grown Diamonds: Mistakes To Avoid

Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings
Lab-Grown Diamonds
Lab-Grown Diamonds

Buying a diamond ring for your engagement ring is a moment that you will remember for your entire life. It involves a lot of money and you do not want to mess it up. You have to do a lot of research to select your perfect ring and it can easily overwhelm you.

Nowadays, many people are considering lab-grown diamonds for their engagement rings. This is because they can get diamonds of good quality without spending a lot of money. But there are some common mistakes done by people when buying lab-grown diamonds. Regretting after making the purchase is of no use. Keep in mind the below things while purchasing lab-grown diamonds.

All Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Not Made Equal

The quality of lab-grown diamonds can vary with the method of diamond growing. Like a natural diamond, lab-grown diamonds are also unique. So, do your homework about diamond growing processes and their merits and demerits. This can help you pick a good-quality diamond.

A Diamond’s Cut Is Very Important

Don’t select a diamond just because it has good overall beauty. You have to look for many factors including cut, symmetry, polish of the diamond, etc. A good cut on the diamond can reflect light more efficiently resulting in better brilliance and sparkle.

Never Compromise On Clarity

The clarity rating provided to diamonds denotes the inclusions and imperfections of the diamond. A reputed institution like GIA or IGI inspects the diamonds and gives a clarity grading corresponding to the inclusions in the diamond. Buyers often compromise on clarity grade to get bigger carat diamonds for lesser prices and regret it later. It is better to avoid diamonds with a clarity grade less than VS2.

Do Not Assume That High Carat-Weight Diamonds Have A Greater Size

Carat refers to the weight of a diamond. Higher carat weight doesn’t guarantee that the diamond will look larger when mounted on a ring or other jewelry. Diamond shapes and depth play an important role in making diamonds look larger.

Buy From A Reputed Company

Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings

You may find a lot of online diamond shopping websites. But do not buy from an online site unless they have a good reputation. Many think that a higher price guarantees quality and end up spending high amounts on cheap counterfeits or low-quality diamonds. You have to enquire about the company’s credibility on public platforms and other available sources before you make a purchase.

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