Is Rose Gold A Better Choice For Engagement Rings?

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Rose gold is one of the stunning varieties of gold that can offer an antique look to engagement rings. It can be a distinct choice for your ring, as its availability is lower than other metals. If you are planning to get rose gold engagement rings, then the following are some of the important details you want to know about this metal:

What Is Rose Gold?

Rose gold is an alloy of gold that is known for its stunning color. As pure gold is very soft, it is often mixed with other metals to offer it more strength and durability when used in jewelry. To make rose gold, jewelers mix pure gold and copper. The blend of these metals offers rose gold its particular color.

The commonly used variety of rose gold comes with 75% gold and 25% copper, which is known as 18k rose gold. Based on the change in the amounts of gold and copper used, the karat of rose gold can vary.

The direct mixing of gold and copper can offer a robust reddish color to the metal. Small amounts of silver will be added to rose gold to reduce the intensity of the color. A popular variety of rose gold called pink gold comes with more amounts of silver to offer it a stunning hue.

Rose gold is more durable than yellow gold and white gold because of the higher amounts of copper present in it. Hence, it can withstand scratches and other wear and tear issues. However, some rose gold varieties like pink gold are softer which makes them vulnerable to scratches and other damages.

Additionally, rose gold can be prone to oxidation and separation in comparison with other varieties of gold. So if your rose gold ring is not heated properly, gold and copper can become separated.

Pros Of Rose Gold

Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings
  • Rose gold can be a unique choice for your engagement ring because of its stunning hue.
  • It is very durable and strong.
  • As it does not require rhodium plating like white gold, you don’t have to worry about this metal losing its color.
  • Rose gold can offer a vintage look to your ring and creates the connotation of romance because of its specific color.
  • Rose gold engagement rings are more affordable than platinum.
  • It can be a perfect choice for colorless as well as colored natural and lab grown diamonds.

Cons Of Rose Gold

  • Rose gold can cause allergy in some people because of the presence of copper.
  • It is not widely available like yellow and white gold.

So when getting engagement rings made of rose gold, make sure to consider the pros and cons of this metal.

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