Types Of Lab-Created Diamonds

Sustainable Diamonds
Sustainable Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds created a breakthrough in the diamond industry. After years of consistent experiments and research, scientists made it possible to replicate the circumstances required for the development of diamonds under the earth artificially. This has resulted in the development of artificial diamonds that are similar to natural, mined diamonds in every way. Also, these lab grown diamonds are highly affordable than their earth-mined alternatives. Hence, the invention of lab-created diamonds made it possible for everyone to afford diamonds.

There are different processes used to make lab-created diamonds. Some of them include CVD, HPHT, etc. Therefore, you have to be aware of the options available to you when getting synthetic diamonds. Some of the common types of lab grown diamonds are listed below:

CVD Diamond

Diamonds made through a process called chemical vapor decomposition (CVD) are called CVD diamonds. This process is capable of producing bigger, colorless diamonds, which made it one of the popular techniques to grow lab grown diamonds.

In this process, a small piece of carbon (known as a seed) will be placed in a CVD chamber with low pressure. The gases will be combined with the electrical energy in this chamber by igniting the formation of a plasma ball that causes carbon molecules to infuse with the seed. As a result of this process, a rough diamond will be formed within 6-12 weeks that is ready to be cut and polished.

HPTP Diamonds

The high-pressure high-temperature method exactly replicates the conditions under the earth that are required for the formation of diamonds. This method subjects the carbon atoms to extreme pressure and temperature which causes them to precipitate on the diamond seed thereby forming a sizable diamond.

Type 2a Diamond

Diamonds are usually classified into type 1 and type 2. Type 1 diamonds are the common diamonds you find in jewelry. Type 2 diamonds, on the other hand, are stones that are highly pure. These diamonds form from the purest carbon atoms which makes them brighter and harder than regular diamonds. Type 2a diamonds are extremely rare which makes them highly valued.

Colored Diamonds

Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

Just like natural colored diamonds, you can also get artificial colored diamonds. The presence of impurities is the common reason that offers colored diamonds their stunning hues. As lab grown diamonds are created by replicating the exact same conditions under the earth which favor the development of diamonds, it can lead to the infusion of some impurities in the diamond crystal which causes them to get color.

So you can get colorless as well as colored lab grown diamonds for your diamond rings or other pieces of jewelry for more affordable rates when compared to natural ones.

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