Elongated Diamond Shapes For Your Engagement Ring

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Diamond Earrings
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Lab Grown Diamonds

Elongated diamonds are the favorite of a lot of people, as they can offer a slender and longer look to the fingers. These shapes can also be a stunning and unique choice for rings as opposed to the traditional look offered by round diamonds.

There is a wide range of elongated shapes available for your diamond rings including:


Oval-cut diamonds are simply the elongated version of round brilliants. They can offer an elegant classic look to your ring. As this diamond shape also exhibits a stunning sparkle like round diamonds, they can help you grab more attention.

By choosing oval diamonds instead of round stones for your ring, you can get several advantages. Oval diamonds can be an affordable option in comparison with round diamonds, hence, if you are looking for diamond shapes that come with a stunning sparkle for cheaper rates, then oval diamonds can be suitable for you. You can also get oval lab grown diamonds that are significantly cheaper than their natural version.

Additionally, the top surface area of this particular diamond shape is more when compared to many other shapes, which makes it appear bigger.

Oval diamonds can also create the illusion of thinner and longer fingers. Also, as this diamond shape does not have any sharp corners, the chance for it to chip is low.

But when getting oval diamonds, make sure to closely inspect them to ensure that it does not come with the “bowtie” effect which involves the formation of a dark shadow inside the stone. Additionally, it is better to get oval diamonds with higher color grades, as this shape tends to show color more.


While marquise-cut diamonds are not the most popular option in engagement rings, their intriguing shape can be a wonderful choice for your ring. It has a rounded center and pointed corners like the shape of your eyes.

The elongated shape of marquise-cut diamonds can give it a large appearance. It is also cheaper than round and many other diamond shapes. It can be a beautiful option to complement your slender and long fingers.


Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

A pear-shaped diamond can be considered a combination of both marquise and oval diamonds. It has a tear-drop shape, which can be a unique option for engagement rings. Because of their elongated shape, pear-shaped diamonds can provide a slimming effect for your fingers.

So if you are looking for bigger diamonds at affordable rates, then it is better to go for elongated diamond shapes. These shapes can also be a stunning option to make your fingers look longer and thinner.

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