How To Analyze The Quality Of Accent Stones In Your Ring

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

Accent stones are small diamonds that are commonly used in diamond rings to enhance their appeal and shine. They are small diamonds that are used for a wide range of ring settings including halo, pave, channel, etc.  These small diamonds are capable of accentuating the brilliance and sparkle of your center diamond. They can also make your center diamond look bigger.

Additionally, by setting accent stones in a cluster, you can replace your center diamond. If you cannot afford a bigger center diamond, then this can be a great option for you to consider, as small diamonds are very affordable than diamonds that come with bigger carat weights.

When getting accent diamonds for your diamond rings, there are different factors you have to analyze. Some of them are listed below:


The color quality of accent stones should be the same. If there is a huge difference in their color grade, it can be noticeable when they are set together in a ring. Additionally, if your ring has a colorless center diamond, then the color of the accent stones should be identical to the color of the center stone. If there is a difference in their color, it can affect the beauty and appeal of your ring.

Diamonds with higher color grades like D, E, and F will be very costly. You will have to spend a huge amount to get these stones. Diamonds that come with grades G to H also look pretty good. They are also more affordable than diamonds with grades D-F. Hence, these stones can be a great option for your diamond rings. But if you want to get accent diamonds of higher color grades for more affordable rates, then lab grown diamonds can be suitable for you. These stones are more affordable than natural accent stones.


The higher the clarity grade, the higher the value of accent diamonds. However, as these stones are very small, inclusions won’t have much visibility. So you don’t have to go for higher clarity grades. Select eye-clean diamonds so that your stones can be stunning and affordable.


The cut of accent diamonds doesn’t have much significance when compared to that of bigger diamonds. They usually come with simpler cuts to reduce labor costs.


Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

Accent diamonds are very small, and the smaller these stones, the lesser will be their cost per carat.

Try to get accent stones that come with similar carat weights so that they can look symmetrical when set on your ring.

All these factors are important for accent stones. So make sure to consider them to get the best accent diamonds for your ring.

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